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6 Day or 3-4 Day (individual, see below)
Certification Training Course

Only $1950.00
Come fill our classes, live with Mr. Marshal Manlove in Newark, DE

(Credit cards accepted. 5% service fee added)

Want to become a Comedic Hypnotist? See further below for information and fees

For most groups of 5 or more, Mr. Manlove will travel to your location to train and certify your group. Call for complete details and to make arrangements.

You WILL learn basic & advanced clinical hypnotherapy in a
classroom atmosphere with other like minded students.

You WILL receive much hands-on practice that will enable
you to be effective at your craft in a very short time.

The Hypnosis Practitioner Today!

NEVER BEFORE . . . has there been an opportunity such as this where you can attend a one week (40 Hour) hypnosis training class and begin immediately earning an above average income helping others to improve their health. This is truly one of the most remarkable professions available today ... and best of all it is something that EVERYONE can use. There is no past experience required.

We use the hands-on approach to hypnosis training and you will be hypnotizing clients as early as the second day of training. Mr. Manlove has hypnotized over 20,000 people and with him as  your guide you have the support which you need, or desire, to ensure that your efforts are properly measured.

You will learn many advanced clinical techniques such as rapid and instant inductions, healing and pain management, phobia treatment, and more.

Over $2500 worth of online materials.

You MAY have an opportunity to work with Marshal Manlove all around the country doing group hypnotherapy seminars and helping people improve their lives. ONLY those who Mr. Manlove has personally trained will have a chance to work with him.

Clinical Hypnosis, Training Manual from A - Z - Basic and Advanced Hypnotherapy. 430 pages of instruction taking you fro the beginning and quickly turning you into a knowledgeable practitioner. This is the actual curriculum you will be using. It includes advanced techniques such as rapid and instant inductions, forensic hypnosis, covert hypnosis practices, healing, working with panic attacks and phobias, regression, automatic writing, sleep hypnosis and even includes many metaphysical venues. This is the most comprehensive manual on the market today.

Hypnotherapy Scripts - This is a 557 page Hypnosis Manual with including over 400 original scripts, inductions, deepeners, suggestibility tests, instant and rapid inductions. All of the scripts were written by faculty and graduates of the American School of Hypnosis.

Everything you can imagine from Smoking Cessation to public speaking and just about everything in between. This is a valuable tool to get you started in your own personal practice. Contains everything you'll need.

Hypnosis Money Makers Manual - Describes 6 + ways to make money as a Hypnosis Professional to include creating an office to conduct individual sessions, conducting group sessions, creating and marketing CD's and MP3s, Public speaking, teaching, comedy and much more. Includes valuable information such as finding agents addresses, advertising and marketing procedures and inside secrets to get you up an running. This the manual you'll want to have once you graduate, get home and want to start your practice as soon as possible. Now you can learn from the masters so you won't make costly mistakes getting started.

Many Videos Clips, Slide Shows and Audios to supplement and support instruction and practical exercises. these are a great way to assist you win your training as you can actually see how sessions and many of the procedures mentioned are done with live subjects.

Some of the videos will be of actual classroom instruction and others will be of group and individual demonstrations of many topics from suggestibility tests, instant inductions, the advantage of understanding brainwave states to add to your success and much more. Just sit back, click on the link and learn.

Over 110 Live Complete Session Audio mp3s - for you to experience and learn from including various titles in clinical hypnosis, self-help and metaphysics. With a Home Study Course there is no way to hear the instructors voice so as to understand voice fluctuations, speed, volume etc, so w include these many mp3's as the next best thing..

Even though they are for the Home Study Course students, we also include them in all courses as they are a great method of self hypnosis. All you need to do is sit in your favorite chair, click play, and allow the voice to hypnotize you for whatever subject you desire.

Entire 21 Day Habit Replacement Program - 5 audio sessions as well as in script format. . .

This is truly the Next Generation in hypno-therapy. Once you have become competent with the traditional methods of hypnosis it will then be time to learn about the most successful process on the market today. We have literally had a minimum of triple the success with this program over traditional hypnosis and once you become familiar with it you will see why as well.

Diploma with the American School of Hypnosis.

Beautiful certificates to hang with pride on the wall in your office.

Certification with the American International Association of Hypnosis.

Ongoing Podcasts Directory - You will be able to enjoy our database of podcasts from your Home Study Course Hub Page. They include training classes and answers to the most common questions new graduates have when starting a new hypnosis practice.

The beauty of having a Central Hub Page for your course is that whenever new materials are created or updated we do it directly to the Hub Web Page so you will automatically have it at your disposal. If we post something new today, everyone in our organization can have it for their use virtually immediately.
Inclusion in our Association International Online Referral Database and web page listing in your location for networking and client. Go to www.ChooseHypnosis.com/session.htm to view.

Once you graduate we will place you on our database for clients to contact you directly. We have enjoyed front page rankings on our web pages for most search terms. If you have your own websites already we will still gladly list you and link to your business website from ours which will also raise your search engine ranking.

Setting the Standard
One year membership with the American International Association. . .

You will receive a one year membership with the most prestigious Hypnosis Association in the World. An Association is a tool to help you to be successful as well as a third party recognition tool. You can see by the list above of all that is included within your Association benefits. Dare to compare and you will see that no-one even comes close.

You will receive more than three times the materials than any other training course available at a tuition that is half the price of most as well. We believe in being creative rather than competitive.

You have unlimited contact with the main office through email and telephone assistance to assist you in being a success.

In addition to receiving valuable leads from your listing on our international website you will learn many ways to get more leads than you can handle and keep you business running as a success right from when you hit the ground running.

You can re-take the training FREE at any of our many 6-day classroom training locations worldwide, as many times as you like.

"Your success is our success so we are here to assist."

Q. I've seen courses listed online for much less. What gives?

A. Do you really want to try to open yourself up to legal action by trying to work with someone's mind without the benefit of a REAL hypnotist by your side? Do you think a ten-minute video is going to make you ready to change careers? Can you ask a video, or a book, a question? Can you see some real examples of your teacher successfully working with others? Does it even make sense that you can learn how to do this for free or for $50 or for $250?

Any other questions?
Now You Can Attend Training
On the Days That Suit You.

Only $1950.00

Customized, 3-4 Day Intensive, Hypnosis Certification

You choose the dates to accommodate your schedule.
Weekends, weekdays, consecutive or non-consecutive days
Daytime or evening hours are both available

How can I become a Certified Hypnosis Practitioner in just 3-4 Days?

First - With no other students to share training time with, waiting for them to finish their practice sessions, you can get trained in a fraction of the time. All of the classroom time is for you only. You will be conducting live sessions by the end of the first day.

Second - A big part of the training is learning the facts, background, procedures, and general study of hypnotherapy. However if that was all sent to you in advanced to read and get a head start on, imagine how much time that can save. Now you would be able to spend more time on the hands on practice and less on what can be easily done by reading on your own.

1. You Will Save Money and Time.

With fewer days of training you will save money on the costs of;
Hotel accommodations
Meals and
Commuting expenses

2. Class Dates Scheduled Around Your Availability.

You can pick and choose the Training dates that are convenient for you. Your class dates can be scheduled all at once or at separate times, on week days or weekends as long as we have the dates available. Due to a limited amount of calendar days throughout the year this training is scheduled on a first come first serve basis so you should call soon to secure your choices.

3. Customized Individual Attention.

We will customize your training to suit your specific needs. We realize that everyone has a different reason to attend training as there are so many opportunities available as a Hypnotherapist.

With this training you will receive all of the same benefits as our regular group classroom students, including the benefit to be able to retake any of our future certification training classes over again, as often as you'd like. Even when 6 day classes are offered at any of our other offices worldwide. The benefit of this is to be able to keep on top of the latest updated changes in the field of hypnotherapy as well as to give you more training time and experience should you desire it.

Comedy Hypnotist Training

Mr. Manlove has performed his Comedy Hypnosis show from Atlantic City to Las Vegas, most major cities in the US and internationally as well. See highlight videos and pictures from many of them at www.marshalmanlove.com.

It's never too late to enter this thrilling field. Mr. Manlove was 45 when he made his career change and while most entertainers dream their entire lives of performing in such place at AC and Vegas he has been there multiple times.

Take this extra 2 days of training to learn how to become a stage hypnotist. Learn how Mr. Manlove became one of the best in the business and how he succeeded where most not only fail but most dare not try.

Included in these extra days of training:

Preparing and Scripting a Hypnosis Show
Basic Theater Principles
Setting the Stage
Finding Volunteers
Stage Inductions
Pitfalls and Contingencies
Finding Clients
Booking Clients
Working with Agents
Sales and Marketing
And Whatever Else it Takes

If you have read this far it is imaginable that you have given this consideration in the past. You have most likely seen a few different hypnosis routines by a few different hypnotists. You will learn in this extra training why Mr. Manlove quickly became a very busy entertainer.

You will learn secrets from Mr. Manlove that make his volunteer retention rate on stage one of, if not the, highest in the business. And, no, its not by placing stooges in the crowd like one famous hypnotist had suggested (and is still now taught in other schools) in what is considered the Bible of stage hypnotist. These secrets, alone, make these fees worth their weight in Gold.

You can call Mr. Manlove directly...on his personal cell phone...to discuss this today at 302-547-4645. Calls are taken between 9am and 6pm Eastern Standard Time, if he is not busy having people sleep with him, so to speak.