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First State Hypnosis specializes in hypnotherapy to help people lose weight, reduce stress, quit smoking, enhance performance individually and in groups.

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Why not take your game to the next level?

Your game may indeed be a game or a sport, or it may be your career, your education, or your relationships. Regardless, enhancing and improving your performance in any activity— at work, at home, at school, or at play— requires you to develop skills and ways of thinking that may be new to you.

The process itself is simple and it is always worth it. Professional athletes from all sports use hypnosis and hypnotherapy to maximize their talent and optimize their performance.

Hypnosis is a powerful tool for making changes that last. I can help you make learning new skills and the transitions to higher levels of physical and mental performance seem effortless.

Imagine lowering your handicap, finessing that second serve or drilling your jump shots and free throws.

The list of possibilities is nearly endless, and I can work with clients from all walks of life and professions— from professional athletes and actors, to executives and homemakers, both here in Delaware and around the country.

Following are the issues I work with the most. Feel free to contact me about other concerns. Call for a complimentary phone consultation.


Smoking Cessation, Weight Loss, Stress Reduction, Sleep Issues, Sales Skills, Public Speaking, Performance Enhancement

Considering Hypnosis?

Consider this…

I primarily earn my living on stage as a Comedy Hypnotist. As a certified hypnotherapist in Delaware, I do also help people with certain issues and concerns. My goal as a hypnotherapist is simply to help people.

Hypnosis can, on occasion, seem like a magical cure. During the course of my career I have seen people quit smoking, who didn't even want to quit, after simply saying one sentence to them while hypnotized.

But this is not hypnocure, its hypnotherapy. For the majority of people in the population this process requires multiple sessions either in person or on tape.

The science behind breaking a negative habit and creating a new habit (hopefully positive, of course) is to do something different every day for at least 21days. With food issues think double that amount of time.

With hypnotherapy we have people use a hypnotherapy session every day for that period of time. One can choose live sessions, a combination of live and taped sessions or taped sessions. The combination of live and tape provides the most effective approach.  The reason it is that way is because we can alter the necessary scripting in a live session to accommodate changes in people's lives throughout the process or change them according to additional information that we learn about a client during the treatment period.

What happens after that period of 21-42 days, you may ask? Hopefully you are then on the right track. But now answer this question; "Do you think it reasonable that there might be a possibility that you have a craving or an urge to use or do something that you changed or fixed?"

Suppose the holidays are approaching and you are a notorious overeater. Six months ago you went through hypnotherapy and lost a lot of weight. What do you do? We have suggestions for that. If you have your weight loss hypnosis recordings, you listen to them. (If you don't have them visit the online store) They are like having a bottle of aspirin with you in case you get a headache.

Quit Smoking (For those who have already quit and just want the provided boost)
Weight Loss (For those who have already had an initial session and are on a continuing path.)
Maintaining Weight Loss
Motivation for Exercise
Increase Self Esteem
Performance Enhancement
Reduce Stress
Pain Relief
Sleep Now
Freedom from Depression


American School of Hypnosis
Certified Hypnosis Practitioner Program
Earn an average of $75 an hour.
Now available and open to everyone.
The American School of Hypnosis, Delmarva
Learn from one of the leading Hypnotists
in the world: Marshal Manlove
See the full Hypnosis Training section of this site for more information.

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First State Hypnosis specializes in hypnotherapy to help people lose weight, reduce stress, quit smoking, enhance performance individually and in groups.
Marshal Manlove is the founder and director.
First State Hypnosis is the Director of the American School of Hypnosis, Delmarva, a training school where interested candidates can earn certification as a consulting hypnotist. Learn online or in person!


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"Do, or do not. There is no try"


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